CMT can affect the proper and regular use of the arms and hands and would make gripping any accessory or tool very difficult. The Lend-A-Hand Universal Assistive Device is great to help you obtain a firm grip on any tool, especially when gardening, doing handiwork, cooking, fishing or other daily needs.

The one-size-fits-all and the one and a quarter inch diameter could fit into any appliance or tool and the padded sleeve can fit into any body type and could also fit onto a leg. The device comes equipped with 5 different adjustable straps, to make sure that the fit is just right. The tightening and locking mechanism on these straps guarantees that the device will not come off during use. Straps are also connected to the device to fit around any tool so that it does not slip away or fall to help provide leverage, strength and additional arm support.

Being independent is one of the most important aspects of a human being’s existence. No-one, not even the elderly, like to be taken for granted and manipulated, so the importance of being able to go about one’s daily routine without assistance, is paramount to everyone. Whether it is to perform menial tasks or to enjoy your hobby or favourite sport, the Lend-A-Hand Universal Assistive Device can offer you the freedom you have always desired.

Learning to live with and accept CMT as part of your life is necessary if you want to continue to cope with your personal and professional lives. Making the best out of a potentially debilitating illness will help you to remain alert and focused on your immediate priorities and remain positive throughout. There are many ways to overcome CMT detracting you from your daily routine. You just need to choose the many aids available to you!

If you prefer, you can order this tool online on Amazon.

CMT Journal does NOT accept payments to review products. Each product is used by one of the authors or a friend, and it’s tested independently. If you buy the product through our link, sometimes we get a commission that is entirely used for the Journal expenses.


  1. You’ve got a great blog here! Would you like some guest posts from a patient? I would prefer to use a nickname tough. I would like to write some inspiring story but I don’t know many. These people seems so braver than me, they write books, they shoot movies. I would like to be more like them and less like me. I am more like them when I read their stories, I feel inspired. I am going to buy the book of Arlene and be inspired even more. It’s so good to not be alone. Thank u

    • Hi, Nena!
      Thanks for your message!
      I’m sure you will love Arlene: the book and the story behind it are really special!
      If you have an inspiring story to tell, please contact us!
      We will love to hear from you!

    • Hi, Nera!
      We don’t accept payment for our review. Other websites do it and there is nothing wrong. But CMT is a delicate matter, and these are not “just” product. They are tools.
      They have all been used by us or our friends.

    • Thank you and don’t worry! Many people are embarrassed by their condition. Right or wrong, it’s part of our culture. Maybe you can check the website of your local CMT Association (you can find a list at ). If you like what you see, you can join the association. Everybody have your same condition there, so it could be the best solution to deal with your embarassement. Just an idea 🙂

  2. thank u very very much I am writing my comment in this post full of other comments but I like them all. I like the stories I like the general information I love the video. I love the video more than anything else that girl from new york looks amazing and the spanish doctor fixed the feet of these two guys. So brilliant. I had surgery as well but I was not so lucky my foot hurts when I walk. Please write more information about the medical research I hope to hear some good news. Thank you thank you very much

    • Thanks to you! 🙂
      I’m happy to hear that you loved our interviews!
      We are working on new articles right know. I hope you will find them as useful as the ones alredy posted!


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