When dealing with CMT, two common symptoms prove to be amongst the hardest to cope with – wrist/ankle pain and coldness. For those CMT patients needing to use a keyboard for their pc or laptop, this can become quite a struggle. Wrist pain and discomfort are also very common for people using their keyboard for extended periods of time, especially if they are unable to take a short break, due to work demands. Now, a top orthopaedic surgeon has patented the SoftFlex Computer gloves. These gloves help to cushion, divert and absorb the pressure caused by long term typing.

This is due, mainly, to the innovative parallel cushion design, which, during clinical studies, has shown to relieve tingling, pain and numbness associated with too much time spent on the keyboard or mouse. In the case of CMT sufferers, these symptoms are daily reminders of what they have to endure. The nylon lycra wrist supports allow proper wrist and hand positioning but do not restrict hand movement and allow a full range of motion for such chores like assembly, gaming and computer use. The padded side of the gloves connect to the palms and are a comfortable fit, depending on the correct size of the gloves.

The parallel cushioned supports provide the relief of discomfort and the even distribution of weight. The SoftFlex Computer Gloves are available in multiple sizes to fit all hands. Apart from their intended use whilst typing the gloves can also be used to offer added support and comfort, even during the night. Most importantly, they provide warmth to the wrist and hand. All users of the gloves have given rave reviews citing comfort, support and even prevention of surgery due to over-use of the wrist. You can perform almost any household chore or hobby when using SoftFlex Computer Gloves.

If you prefer, you can order this tool online on Amazon.

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