The full title of this book is actually quite long: “Regain Your Balance. Ataxia Solutions from The Nerve Whisperer, Find Health and Healing in Six Complementary and Alternative Medicine Arenas”, but the core concept is simple.

When suffering from Charcot-Marie-Tooth, any solution, medical or non, might help to alleviate sometimes debilitating symptoms. Learning how to use the nervous system to your advantage could be very beneficial, especially if balance is an issue in your daily life. This book teaches you how to regain your composure and find the best way to shift your balance so that you are not in danger of falling over, no matter what condition you have.

The book focuses on exercises which are designed to stabilize articulation issues and facilitate speech, depression, nerve pain or joint pain. Most of these exercises can easily be done alone, without the guidance of a personal trainer or physical therapist. They are based on complementary and alternative medicine, like homeopathy and fractal vision exercises.

There are also Brain Plasticity Exercises and Enriched Environments which help to challenge and engage the brain. Studies have shown that the progression and onset of Huntington’s Disease in mice were delayed by environmental enrichment.

Although some sections are complex to comprehend, unless of a medical disposition, the exercises are fairly easy to follow.

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