One of the most painful symptoms suffered by CMT patients is the inversion of the foot, especially around the ankles. This causes the bone to come in contact with the nerves and is exasperated when the foot is fitted with normal shoes, which were not designed to withstand sudden rotations or alignments. Although the Heelift Suspension Boot was originally intended to offer relief when rested, it could also be strapped onto the foot and used to make one’s way around the house. It helps against footdrop, one of the more common CMT symptoms and also relieves pressure, which could become unbearable at times, especially when standing.

The Boot is made from smooth tricot fabric, which is gentle on the skin and contains an elevation pad which evenly distributes pressure along the calf area. Being padded on the posterior side of the foot, mobility is greatly assisted and pain reduction is kept to a minimum. The Heelift Suspension Boot is also ventilated, which promotes skin health and reduces the possibility of bad odours. The Boot is kept in place by loop straps and adjustable hooks. The Heelift Suspension Boot Home Kit also comes equipped with a laundry bag and an instruction manual in 4 languages.

There are 2 types of material available for the Heelift Suspension Boot – Heelift Smooth, which has a smooth interior foam for skin which is extremely delicate or fragile or Original Heelift, which is made from foam which is convoluted medical grade type. There are various sizes to choose from for the 2 models. The Smooth model comes in Petite, Standard and Bariatric whilst the Original comes in Petite and Standard.

Alleviation of foot pain can mean a lot to anyone suffering from CMT. If you prefer, you can order this tool online on Amazon.

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  1. Wow so many tools on the market I had no idea There is nothing like that in my town and when I use braces the other students make fun of me

  2. OMG the suspension boots! What a memory I have used these things they could be of some help – On the other hand in a hot weather they let you scratch yourself to tears 😀


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