The Hall of Fame is a working in progress of our most popular inspiring stories. Indeed CMT isn’t just about medical information, it’s about living with a special condition. Our body needs results from the medical research, sometimes even surgery. Our mind – or our soul if you prefer – needs motivation.

We can’t say who’s more important, the mind or the body. In fact, we need to have both in good shape to enjoy a better life. That’s why the Inspiring Stories are always some of our most popular posts.

This is a list of the top stories, that we will update on a regular basis. Bookmark this page and come back from time to time. And if you have an inspiring story yourself, or you know one, please let us know. Sharing is caring!

Bernadette Scarduzio: From CMT to Hollywood

We should admit, Bernadette didn’t go to Hollywood (yet). Still, she shot a movie in one of the coolest city ever: New York.

Enjoy the story and the video of Bernadette, you will not regret it.

Marybeth Sidoti & Carol Liu: A Tale of Two Writers and One Queen

Marybeth and Carol published the very first book in the history of writing, with a hero with Charcot-Marie-Tooth. The book was such a success, that they have now published a second volume of the series. And this is just the beginning.

Read more about the inspiring story of Marybeth and Carol.

Anthony Ramos: Rolling with CMT

I should admit, I know Anthony only by Twitter but I should invite him for an interview sooner than later. CMT affects many things: legs, hands, but rarely your tongue. And when it comes to the tongue, Anthony is an Olympic athlete. He hosts a very funny show “Rolling with Ramos”, downloadable free from iTunes.

Till we make our interview, you can check the official page of the show.

Charcot-Marie-Tooth Inspiring Stories 2

Update: I had the pleasure to meet and interview Anthony in person. You can read his interview CMT can be fun!

Besides Anthony is looking for inspiring CMTers to interview in his own radio show. Feel free to contact him directly. In the meantime, enjoy his interview.

To be continued …

Image credits: and Rolling with Ramos.


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