One of the hardest chores to manage when affected by CMT is eating, due to the weakness and fragility of the wrists, a common symptom of CMT. This normally leads to much irritation and accidents, such as dropping the utensils or breaking plates or cups. For a sturdy grip on all your eating utensils, Adaptive Comfort Grip Utensils have designed a range of cutlery with a foam grip handle and stainless steel finish. It is also possible to purchase the set in the regular straight version or the angled one.

If you are not looking at buying the whole set, the utensils are also available as single items with a set comprising of knife, fork, tablespoon and teaspoon. The angled variety, on the other hand, is available only for the teaspoon and fork and can be angled to the right or to the left. Sometimes it is easier to handle foods or liquids with an angled utensil, depending on the size and depth of the tableware as well as the type of food or liquid being consumed. Tightening your grip on any object is usually very painful if you suffer from CMT, which is why the handle material is made of foam.

They are also lightweight, soft and are non-slip. Just as an idea, the weight of the fork is just 4 ounces whilst the length is 9 inches. Both table and teaspoon are 8 inches long and the foam handles measure 1.25 inches in diameter. They are also dishwasher safe, which means that you will not have to worry about washing up, which in itself, is another difficult task with CMT. We have found many positive reviews regarding these Adaptive Comfort Grip Utensils and they seem to do the trick to ease the pain of wrist restriction very well.

For more information on these utensils, click here.

If you prefer, you can order this tool online on Amazon.

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