Chronic cold feet are a normal symptom for CMT sufferers, which is why CosySoles Heated Slippers are a great asset. The slippers can be placed in a microwave to be heated and re-heated as many times as necessary. And offer almost instant relief to CMT patients having to deal with tired feet together with aches and pains, stress and insomnia, poor peripheral circulation as well as chronic cold feet and also foot rheumatism, arthritis and inflammation. There are a host of other disorders suitable for CosySoles, such as cerebral palsy, Raynaud’s and Muscular Dystrophy.

There is evidence that shows that warmth is directly linked to improved sleep patterns and cycles, especially when distributed towards the feet and legs. Researchers in Switzerland, at the Sleep Laboratory, revealed that high levels of heat in the hands and legs were key factors to sound and rapid sleep. On the other hand, the faster the heat was lost from these areas, the longer and more difficult it became to sleep well. One of the many positive attributes of the CosySoles is the fact that they can also be worn in bed.

Studies have also shown that application of moisturizers or essential oils to the feet is amplified by the CosySoles due to the insulation, which accelerated the transportation of these topical creams and lotions into the bloodstream, via the limbic system. It is well documented that aromatherapy assists in benefiting the entire body, when applied correctly and with discretion. Apart from moisturizer, the feet will also benefit from 2-6 drops of essential oils and massaged well for a few minutes. Now would be the perfect time to wear your CosySoles and tuck into bed. For maximum results leave the CosySoles on your feet for around 1 hour after heating, or simply leave them on throughout the night. Either way, your comfort is assured!

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