This book is more than a book. It’s an autobiography of a woman living with CMT and showing the world how she is able to cope with and overcome it, thanks to a sheer determination and the strong will to succeed. It is an inspirational tale for all those people suffering from any debilitating disease and offers an insight into the help available and how to live an independent and successful live, notwithstanding the adversities. Diane Graceley’s story is even more outstanding as, apart from having to overcome CMT, she also had to deal with gastric bypass surgery, which was due to her excessive weight. This impeded her progress to walk after having undergone a series of reconstruction surgeries on her foot.

Her life was always an uphill struggle and was not given any relief by her divorce with her first husband. She eventually remarried and is finally at peace with herself and with others but it hasn’t always been a ride in the park. Her success story does not end there, however. She went on to establish a successful internet business which she manages from home. This helps to keep her motivated and alert.

Reviews of the book confirm just how hard, having CMT,  it is to maintain any type of job due to the difficulties in balance and lower limb pain. “If you can’t reach a goal, you should work harder”, this is a common message in our culture. However, sometime working harder is not enough. Not to mention that working long hours is usually a very bad decision for a person affected by Charchot-Marie-Tooth.

That’s why this book is a must read for any person with a disability. The author didin’t succed working harder, but smarter. After many struggles, Diane improved her condition only when she decided to set up a job tailored for her needs: an internet business to be managed from home.

We are not saying that every person with CMT should work online. Thinking outside the box – not working online – is the moral of the story. It’s not simple, but remember: if you are coping with CMT, you are alredy tougher than most people out there.

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  1. It’s quite amusing how these books are old and their cover is horrible. Doctors write for other doctors not for us. When are you going to publish a book? Something for the patients at least.


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