Similar to the Wanchik Writer, but with additional wrist support, the Wanchik Writer 2 enables you to hold the pen, whilst writing, without any effort and is comfortable and easy to use. No matter how reduced your mobility within your wrist or fingers, the Wanchik Writer 2 allows for proper pen/pencil positioning and requires only slight bending to make minor adjustments. There is no need for grasping to use the Wanchik Writer, as any writing utensil is held firmly in place for you. The flexible metal at the tip of the Wanchik Writer can be manipulated to fit your ergonomic style.

The size of the pen or pencil does not undermine the functionality of the Wanchik Writer and attaches to them through Velcro closures and D-rings, wrapping itself around the palm. It is very simple to wear and remove, thanks to the big loops at the end of the Velcro straps. This innovative writing aid is suitable for both right and left-handers and is equipped with a metal orthosis with a plastic cover, which extends up to the forearm from the wrist. When strength and mobility within the wrist area is limited, you need to be able to depend on an aid which gives you the possibility to obtain a firm grip on your pen or pencil, especially when writing is an important part of your life.

There are 2 sizes to choose from – Small, which measures 6.4cm to 8.9cm and Large, which measures 8.9 to 11cm. Once you have found your perfect fit, you are now on your way to added independence, as writing is a very important part of anyone’s life. Comfort and versatility are what makes the Wanchik Writer a great aid to possess and to use, over and over again.

If you prefer, you can order this tool online on Amazon.

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