When walking unaccompanied becomes an issue you can rely on the Metro Walker to assist you to remain mobile. The Walker is easy to open and close, is compact, portable and foldable, making placing it somewhere safe and convenient. Just imagine the size of a normal walker and divide hat by 4. That is the size of the folded Metro Walker! It is so small that you can place it in the overhead compartment of a plain or a small car trunk. The simple release lever allows the use of only one hand and with little or no effort to fold and a slide motion to open it up.

Although very lightweight, the Metro Walker can handle up to 250lbs and suits users ranging from heights of 4 feet 10 inches to 6 feet 8 inches. The walker is equipped with 2 front urethane wheels and back feet, which glide along the surface with great ease. The Metro Walker is stylish and there are 3 colours to choose from. Apart from what we mentioned earlier, the Walker incorporates 2 side pouches. It weighs just 6.5lbs and measures 6” x 4” x 32” with the wheels having a diameter of 4”. You may choose from Artisan Amber, Regal Rose and Black Walnut.

The Metro Walker comes in handy for anyone suffering from weak joints or muscles in their legs or feet. Some forms of CMT are debilitating enough to warrant assisted walking, which is exactly what the Metro Walker provides. Security and stability are exactly what are required when relying on walkers and the Metro Walker does not let you down in these 2 areas. Being able to store it within arms length, due to the small size is also very convenient, as you do not have to leave it running around all the time.

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