It’s refreshing to find a site which helps you to identify and treat foot disorders and deformities, without having to spend a dime. is aimed at explaining the symptoms of CMT, with all the possible adversities that one must face, depending on the severity of the disorder. The site provides visual images of various deformities, with a detailed explanation of what this means and how best to go about treating them. Claw toes, varus foot, drop foot and ankle instability are just some of those covered and there are also x-ray images outlining the skeletal differences to a normal foot.

Types of treatments vary from operative to non-operative, depending on the need. No stone is left unturned to offer CMT sufferers a vast selection of treatments available and the course of action to undertake., as the title rightly highlights, exists to educate people suffering from ankle and foot problems and does not provide specific medical advice. Instead advises to consult a health care provider, who is qualified and licensed, with regards to any possible issues which might deter a normal lifestyle and motion.

One novel tool which can be used to great effect is the Foot Pain Identifier, which allows you to click on any foot position to check where the pain you feel is located and what it might entail. This includes a list of possible symptoms to watch out for. There are 4 photos to choose from, each one with a detailed segmentation of every part of the foot and ankle. It is difficult to go wrong with this ingenious interactive tool. This is just one of many examples of websites providing free and unlimited resources to assist in neurological and  other diseases, such as CMT.

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