When a sturdy grip is something you cannot rely on, as is a common symptom in CMT. You can turn your attention to a tool which will assist you in ensuring that you are not only able to grasp hold of an object in a firm and safe manner but also reach for something beyond your normal capabilities. The Carex EZ Grabber Reacher is strong, durable and flexible, allowing for everyday tasks to resume to normality and will offer a sense of independence which is vital for most CMT patients, who do not like to rely on others all of the time!

Another great feature of the Carex EZ Grabber Reacher is the ability to turn the rotating arm 90 degrees, which detracts the user from having to twist or turn their wrists. A wrist support and locking mechanism are included in the package, thus offering peace of mind in case of possible handling issues, such as slipping out of grip or simple mishandling.

The Grabber Reacher comes in 2 lengths, 26” and 32” and the grabber cups at the edge are designed to keep a firm grip on the objects being targeted. It is lightweight and because of its long reach, the use of a chair or stepladder will no longer be required. This will prevent possible mishaps from occurring, as some forms of CMT also affect the lower limbs and loss of strength in these areas would certainly be cause for alarm when using these accessories for the ultimate task.

Various reviews have remarked how the Grabber Reacher was able to fit into tight spaces, as well as grasp items which were slender and delicate. The handiness of the Grabber Reacher was most complimented for essential jobs, such as changing, where reaching for clothes in wardrobes and cupboards proved somewhat difficult for most CMT sufferers.

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  1. Maybe OT. I see many tools here but not what I am looking for. When I go out with my friends I can’t open the bottle of coke or other fizzy drinks (cans are even worse). I am looking for something helpful to screw the cap of a bottle. A leverage or something. If you know what I mean. Thanks

    • Hi, Ms Salad!
      Thanks for your message! 🙂
      I believe that the “BRIX multi grip” could be the tools you are looking for.
      You can find it on Amazon.


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