Aetrex have recently formed an alliance with the CMTA, which is the US arm of CMT foundations worldwide. As well as providing foot comfort and support to CMT sufferers, Aetrex have also undertaken to increase awareness so that CMT obtains the recognition and respect it deserves.

Because of the multiple issues affecting mobility for those people afflicted with CMT, it is imperative that the feet are given due attention and care, especially when walking. Due to the distinct possibility of deformation in the feet, Aetrex shoes were designed to enable maximum support and comfort and some models even come equipped with a velcro heel strap which facilitates entry and exit from the rear end of the shoe. Even the use of orthotics can be accommodated to fit inside Aetrex shoes.

What makes Aetrex unique in their field is that they employ 20 certified pedorthists to ensure that they design and test each and every shoe to the specific needs of those suffering from CMT and other foot conditions which make everyday life a struggle, especially when walking or climbing stairs. Constant pain, exacerbated by inadequate footwear, which normally presses against the sides of the foot is something which Aetrex are well aware of and do their utmost to decrease or eliminate. Apart from the efforts in reducing discomfort and pain, Aetrex shoes provide an aesthetic appeal as well and could double as a normal sports or casual shoe.

Such is the will of Aetrex to assist CMTA that they offer a 50% discount to anyone who owns a premium content subscription within the Foundation. This also includes anyone who donates anything from $30 to $150 towards the CMTA for research purposes.

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